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From being a trekker’s delight to an executive’s retreat, Chikmagalur, best known for its fine coffee, is now one of Karnataka’s most preferred destinations. It has enough to offer the visiting tourist of any profile. True to its spirit that induces a soul stirring peace, this idyllic town nestling at the foothills of Western Ghats about 260 kms from Bangalore, can pride itself on being more than just another corporate destination. It is famous for its sprawling plantations, diverse flora and cascading waterfalls.

KALARAVAA a nature based resort that offers a peaceful, salubrious accommodation venue for corporate events to be held is one such bright feather in its cap. Several vital outbound training programmes are conducted within the verdant, restful confines of this beautiful destination.

The discerning corporate bigwigs seeking to enhance productivity of themselves and their employees concur that Kalaravaa offers the ideal place and opportunity to combine business with pleasure. A novel idea conceptualized on the premise that man is best complimented by nature, this resort is set on a sprawling 17 acres of evergreen plantation lush with rare, medicinal flora infusing the fresh air with sweet fragrance.

This environment, perfectly conducive to growth, provides guests with the unique opportunity of making a provision for learning while unwinding and rejuvenating with renewed vigour.

In this way, KALARAVAA allows the essence of eco-tourism and business recreation in Karnataka, India to blend.

Enjoy peaceful, salubrious accommodation.

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